To provide quality, healthy and reliable products to our customers with our understanding of human and environment-oriented production.



To ensure that the Turna brand is a world-renowned oil brand with the reliability, customer focus, sustainability, innovation and team spirit values we have.


Sayınlar Inc., primarily intending the quality, was established in 1983 with its Turna branded products.

Sayınlar Inc., carrying out refinement and packaging works of all kinds of vegetable oils, uses cutting edge technology in the vegetable oil industry by switching to computer automation with the revisions in 2007.

Soon after going into production, a transition period was experienced by creating inland dealership network to increase the skills of the individuals with a qualified management in the enterprise and set up a substructure for import and export.

At the end of this transition period, our company reassured the importance attached to customer satisfaction and belief for quality by gaining ISO 9001 - 2000 and ISO 22000 - 2005 certificates.

By reinforcing the cutting edge technology, experienced staff and educated personnel with its modern management, it is aimed to keep the quality level presented to customer at a constant and satisfying standard.

Sayınlar Inc., producing nourishing products in healthy and hygienic conditions and presenting to customers, aims to have a voice in the domestic and foreign markets in future with Turna brand.





500 gr. rice
300 gr. skim meat
1 head onion
500 gr. bony
1 cup chickpeas
3 cup filtered yogurt
1 egg
1 meal brow. Fame
Water to the right
Oil, peppermint, salt, black pepper
TURNA Riviera Olive Oil

Wash the rice and put the strainer. The onion is finely chopped. Meat, washed rice, salt and black pepper are mixed in a bowl and taken on the No. 1 screen of the meat machine. After it has been pulled, knead it until it comes to a rolling cone and cover it with a wet cloth. The piece in the walnut size taken from the dough is a 10-15 cm. it becomes a rod in its length. Then 0.5 cm. It is divided into tiny pieces in its length. The pieces are rolled and rolled into balls for the palms.

After all the dough is rolled, it is boiled on a boiling water pan so that it is not overcooked. The scalding rolls are chilled. On the other side, bonito meat is cooked with chickpeas and thrown into rolls. Put the eggs and flour into a separate tencerede which is kneaded with the food and cooked thoroughly after it is thoroughly cooked. Place the other material close to the boiling slowly into the kneader. The cooker is switched off after a boil. In a pan Turna Riviera olive oil and dry noodles are lightly fried and poured over your food. The meal is ready for service.



250gr fresh garlic
250 gr fresh onion
250 gr lamb meat
500 gr filtered yogurt
2 eggs
50 gr flour
150 gr chickpeas
10 g salt
20 gr nane
TURNA Riviera olive oil

Put the meat in the pot and fry it gently, add salt and water and leave it to scald. Add the boiled chickpeas into the meat after the meat is boiled. Slightly chopped onion and garlic (chopped head slightly chopped) are added to the meat and noodles.

After a little pulse, yogurt, egg and flour are put into a pot and cooked continuously by light flame. Then add the other tanned materials in the yogurt, boil a little more and close the bottom of the oven. Then put oil in a pan and add mint to it, and you are taken over your meal and served with a meal service. Note: chickpeas can be boiled with meat if they have been pre-soaked overnight.



For soup;
750 gr. track
1.5 cups of chickpeas
1 tablespoon tomato tartan
3-4 cloves garlic
1 meal brow. pepper paste
2 pieces of lemon juice
Sufficient water

For the meatball;
500 gr. lean meat
500 gr. Bulgur for making meatballs
2 kurusoğan
Salt, black pepper, red pepper
TURNA Olive Oil or Sunflower Oil, mint

The locale is slightly soaked with water before the bulgur. The onions are small chopped. Add black pepper, red bell pepper and salt and knead thoroughly. Add minced meat (15-20 min) and knead until the meatball is softened thoroughly. The meatball is picked up in the size of the ball and rolled in the palm. On the other side, one night pre-soaked chickpeas and meat are cooked until softened with the ring-shaped onion. Fritters and lemon juice are added. Boil for 2-3 minutes. Put a salt in a separate tencered boiled water and boil it until it is cooked round in the water. The water is drained from the fired köfelerin. When the service is done, put the köfteler into meat and chickpea mixture, heat it up a little and serve it with mint oiled with hot oil.


For the expense;
20 gr. peanut or walnut
Half a teaspoon of salt, black pepper, dustbin, pulbiber
150 gr. low fat meat
100 gr. onion

For the dough;
50 gr. Community finding
25 gr. Cheer up
1 onion
10 gr. boiled potato
1 egg, salt

To fry;
TURNA Sunflower oil or corn oil

Preparation of waste; The meat is roasted until it is cooked first. The onions are finely chopped and added to the meat. Then roast well and add the spices and peanuts or walnut inside and continue to roast.

Preparation of dough; All the ingredients in the dough are mixed and the onion is grated and kneaded thoroughly.

Preparation of the meatball; Approximately 40 gr. (walnut size) in the palm of the ball is brought. Engrave with the index finger and put the mixture into the egg and the egg is rolled until the shape reaches. Served with roast.





Turna Oils use special formulas for your health in the health slogan and oils first.



Turna Oils is presented with organic plants and extracts from nature.

TURNA Branded Products




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Sayınlar Inc., primarily intending the quality, was established in 1983 area with its Turna branded products. Sayınlar Inc., carrying out refinement and packaging works of all kinds of vegetable oils, uses cutting edge technology in the vegetable oil industry by switching to computer automation with the revisions in 2007.



The annual Turkey's largest 500 companies list in Sayinlar Inc. has made a great success by raising to 360th place from 455th place with production profit realized. Sayınlar A.Ş., which continuously develops and targets innovation. aims to grow together with its employees with the importance it gives to human resources. All Lists.


Our Company's Human Resources Policy; As a global company that uses resources efficiently, is environment friendly, is sensitive to work health and safety, conforms to quality standards, constantly develops its technology, and has a strong power of creativity of its employees, who keeps pioneering position in Turkish industry by increasing its capacity, meeting the expectations of its stakeholders, is to use human resources efficiently in order to become a customer focused company. Performing the planning, implementation, determination of competencies, performance management, career planning studies in accordance with scientific methods in order to plan and select the human resources to be carried out efficiently and efficiently in our company, selection, recruitment, assignment in service units, development, It's the goal of our politics.

The basic principles of our human resources policy;
• Establishing and implementing a system to determine, select and hire the human resources that will enable our company to fulfill its activities effectively and efficiently,
• To identify, implement and evaluate the results of our employees' training programs aimed at providing the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors to ensure that they do not fall behind in all kinds of developments and changes that are happening in the nature of their work,
• Developing a performance management system that allows staff to see the results of their own work, see a sense of outcome and assess the results of individual success,
• Establishing and implementing a career management system that ensures that employees are continuously improved within the organization, prepares them for the responsibilities on the position they are in, evaluates employees who are willing to take responsibility at the most effective level,
• To gather information about the scope of work carried out in the institution, human resource requirements and working conditions and to conduct job analyzes to evaluate this information, to prepare job descriptions in accordance with changing conditions,
• To develop systems that will promote success and creativity by providing suitable working conditions for the quality of the service performed; To create ideas that will bring value to the organization, employees and other stakeholders by making use of the creativity of all our stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, society), transforming them into new products, services, processes, systems and social interactions to bring innovation, to increase their participation in the company's activities with creative and innovative self-esteem of all employees by motivating them through recognition and appreciation of creative ideas, making them actively use their knowledge and experience for the benefit of the company and its employees, to be taken into practice.
• Taking opinions from the employees through questionnaires and similar means, giving direction to the applications to be made,
• Ensuring the formation of "Corporate Culture and Consciousness" by meeting the social and cultural needs of the personnel,
• Create an understanding of employees' sustainability to meet today's requirements in a way that will not reduce the resources of future generations. In planning the strategies, instead of focusing only on short-term solutions, it is also aimed at creating long-term value by spreading the vision that will determine its objectives by assessing its environmental and socio-economic dimensions.
• Occupational health and Safety; To increase the cooperation with the neighboring facilities, the competent authorities and the local administrations in order to improve the health-safety-environment performance, to develop the systems to prevent occupational accidents, to increase the cooperation with our competent authorities and local administrations, to protect the health and safety of our employees, to take environmental factor in the forefront, to be structured so as to intervene in emergencies, to be transparent against our stakeholders in our applications.


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